Get Rid of Spider Veins

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Are you wishing you could get back into a pair of shorts or not have to be embarrassed by your legs at the gym or the pool? If spider veins are keeping you from wearing the clothes you love and fully enjoying “fun in the sun” and other activities, then it’s time you considered treatment to get rid of those ugly spider veins once and for all.

Celibre Medical is a comprehensive laser treatment practice that understands the root causes of spider veins. Because of this, we don’t just treat every patient with lasers alone; our expert providers are also trained in and use sclerotherapy in certain cases of spider veins. A laser may be really good for the fine, thin, surface vessels, but it isn’t always the best choice for getting rid of some of the larger, deeper veins that “feed” these smaller ones. This is where sclerotherapy is a knock-out punch. By combining both types of treatments into a regimen that’s tailored just for you, we get exceptional results fast, saving you time and money!

Many of our patients see results after their first treatment, but it’s very typical to need a series to get your legs show-worthy again. Let us tell you how our unique approach to spider veins can give you superior results! Your consultation is completely free and together, we can make a plan to get you back to loving your legs again!

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