How Is Sculptra Different Than Other Dermal Fillers

We answer this question all the time…How is Sculptra different than other dermal fillers? Sculptra is different than other dermal fillers because the “filler” part of Sculptra is simply the body’s own collagen that is generated in response to the injection. For this reason, Sculptra is considered a “biostimulator” rather than a dermal filler. The product is made up of the dissolvable stitches used in wound care. The stitches are ground into a fine powder and placed in a saline solution and injected deep into the skin. The solution then absorbs into the body leaving behind the fine particles.

The body surrounds the particles with new collagen over the weeks and months after treatment. Typically 3 visits are required in the first 6 months and the number of vials of product required varies by the age and needs of each patient. Take a look at what Sculptra can do for your cheeks. Notice how it affects how tired the eyes look at the upper cheeks. We love Sculptra because it is excellent at adding volume to the cheeks and mid-face. It lasts a long time (up to 2 years) and is probably the most natural-looking injection filler that we use.

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