Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

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Are you confused by all the promises and guarantees out there for “permanent” laser hair removal? Well, quite frankly, so are we! When we see places offering “permanent removal of 100% of your hair”. We have to shake our heads; this just isn’t possible.

Let’s set the record straight about what laser hair removal can and cannot do. First, it can permanently remove hair, but it likely won’t remove every, single hair in the treated area. Instead of “removal”, we like to say “reduction”. Most patients, when treated with the correct device at the appropriate settings, can expect to see anywhere from a 75% to 95% reduction in hair in any area treated with laser. The reason this is so is that our bodies are naturally programmed to heal and regenerate the hair follicles that are damaged by the laser. This means that inevitably, over time, some of the treated hairs will return.

Second, lasers cannot treat fine or light hair effectively. As these hairs are left behind in a treated area, they may over time, turn into darker, coarser hairs due to the inevitable effect of hormones. Lasers don’t change or alter this natural process in any way but only when the hair becomes darker can we remove it permanently.

Lastly, if someone is offering 100% permanent laser hair removal, get that guarantee in writing. For all the reasons listed above, it just isn’t realistic to make this promise. At Celibre, we like to “under-promise” and “over-deliver”. We never make claims or guarantees to our patients that we know are unlikely or remotely possible. Instead, we focus on your education and understanding of the risks and benefits as well as reasonable outcomes for all the procedures. We offer and then work hard to give you results that are better than we discussed.

If you’re looking for catchy slogans and flashy deals, you won’t find that here with us. It just isn’t how we operate. But, if you’re interested in laser hair removal done by highly trained, qualified practitioners using the latest, state-of-the-art equipment, then give us a call for your free consultation. We’d love to discuss how we do laser hair removal better than our competition.

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