What is a Laser Dermatologist?

If you’re interested in finding the right laser dermatologist for you or have just wondered what it is that a laser dermatologist does, then you’re in the right place. You might be surprised to learn that not all dermatologists practice laser medicine and many laser dermatologists may be physicians or other practitioners with surgical backgrounds. This is because laser dermatologists have a very broad knowledge base of the skin, common medical and cosmetic skin conditions, wound healing, and laser physics. And it takes a special desire to learn the art of laser medicine as traditional training provides only basic laser science education.

At Celibre Medical, we practice laser dermatology. We are experts at understanding the nuances involved in treating a variety of skin conditions and problems. This means our knowledge and skillset go beyond just knowing what laser works for what problem. We are trained to skillfully obtain a careful history of your specific problem, prior treatments, your true skin type (color) and to listen to your goals and expectations for the treatments that you are seeking. Then, we will formulate a treatment plan for you and explain the rationale for using a certain laser (or a combination of them) to achieve your desired results. It is a very individualized process and takes patience and a thorough understanding of how to use different devices to achieve certain outcomes as well as the limitations of what each device can do.

The laser dermatologist that you choose should have a wide array of FDA-approved devices to treat various skin conditions and issues. Here are a few names of the lasers we use: the Lumenis Lightsheer, which is the gold standard for laser hair removal, the Cynosure V-Star, one of the most advanced pulse dye lasers available, the Palomar Q Yag 5 which is FDA-approved to treat age spots and birthmarks as well as to remove tattoos, and lastly, the Laserscope Lyra-I, which is designed for the treatment of spider veins.

At Celibre Medical, we have all these devices and many more. In fact, we have over 20, different, state-of-the-art lasers designed to treat a wide range of skin concerns and conditions. Our laser practitioners are all highly trained, qualified RNs and physician assistants who have spent several years pursuing and mastering the use of these devices and their knowledge of laser medicine. Our staff is so outstanding that our facility serves as a certified practice in the state of California to provide knowledge and training to other laser dermatologists wishing to further their education and skill in laser medicine.

When you visit a prospective laser dermatologist’s office, you should be prepared to ask several questions. Not only about his or her individual experience with the specific problem or device that you’re interested in, but also how many devices their practice utilizes to treat a certain problem. For example, if there is only one device he or she uses to treat unwanted hair (laser hair removal), then that should raise a red flag. Different skin types (colors) require different devices to effectively treat and get rid of hair in different body areas. The same rule applies to tattoos. Different ink colors require different wavelengths of light, so one device is probably not going to get the job done if you’re wanting to have a multi-colored tattoo removed.

We encourage you to come and visit us if you’re looking for a laser dermatologist. Our laser providers are unmatched in skill, knowledge, and expertise. With a vast array of FDA-approved devices, there aren’t many skin problems that we haven’t seen and successfully treated over the years. Come find out how Celibre Medical is different from our competition.

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