Modern Laser Dermatology

We live in a fast-paced, modern world. Technology is all around us and has become a foundational part of our everyday lives. The field of medicine is no different. We now routinely use technology in many ways to help people live and feel better. Laser dermatology is a growing field of medicine rich with innovative ideas to treat age-old problems in brand new ways. Most lasers use light and/or heat to accomplish their tasks, but by no means are all lasers created equal. The knowledge, expertise, and armamentarium it takes to practice modern laser dermatology (and do it well) is quite considerable.

Lasers, just like medications, must be evaluated and approved by the FDA for their use. They must go through clinical trials to prove their efficacy and safety. Practitioners of laser medicine must have an in-depth and wide array of knowledge of each laser, how it works, its limitations, contraindications, and the conditions that each is approved to treat. Extensive, specialized training is necessary to understand the nuances of treating different skin conditions (hair removal, wrinkles, scars, discoloration) in people with different colors and types of skin.

Celibre Medical is a leading modern laser dermatology practice in Los Angeles and Torrance. We use over 20 different, state-of-the-art, FDA-approved lasers to treat an extensive range of cosmetic skin concerns. Each of our lasers is considered the “gold standard” for the conditions it is used to treat, and each of our effective treatments is performed by one of our highly trained and knowledgeable registered nurses or physician assistants. Our laser practitioners are masters of their craft and have dedicated countless hours to pursuing the most up-to-date continuing medical education in the field of laser dermatology. In fact, our practice serves as a California nursing board certified laser training facility.

The list of conditions amenable to laser treatment is long: sun damaged skin, acne, acne scarring, birthmarks, pigmentation, wrinkles, broken blood vessels, and unwanted hair just to name a few. A growing interest in non-invasive, safe, and effective treatments for these problems is pushing new and innovative technology forward. Modern laser dermatology provides precise, specific treatments that are problem-targeted, avoiding the use of systemic medications with potentially harmful side effects.

The cost of laser treatments can vary. It is dependent on the type of procedure, the amount of time it takes to perform the treatment as well as the number of treatments required to see the desired improvement. It’s important to remember that who is performing your laser dermatology procedure is really more important than the overall cost. Someone inexperienced, using the wrong technology, or who has inadequate training can cost you much more than money. Wasted time, effort, and permanent scarring can occur if the proper care and laser selection aren’t exercised. However, with the right technology in the right hands, patients are overwhelmingly happy with the results of their laser dermatology procedure.

If you’re thinking about laser dermatology for yourself, please come and visit us today. Our consultations are absolutely free and offer the ability to ask your questions while we walk you through the specifics of your procedure step by step. We’ve helped thousands of satisfied patients and we’d love the chance to discuss how we can help you too!

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