Should I Wax or Have Laser Hair Removal?

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If you’re waxing to get rid of your unwanted body hair, no doubt this question has crossed your mind. The fact of the matter is, however, that the two methods are not really comparable—sort of like apples and oranges. But, we can point out some important things to think about if you’re considering having either. First, though, let us say that many people ask us this question as they get fed up with having to repeatedly wax to get rid of hair. Here are a few considerations that may help you decide on which is the better treatment for you.

  1. Do you want permanent hair removal? These two hair removal methods work in completely different ways. Waxing simply rips the hair out of the follicle. Your body immediately begins to form new hair, and within a few weeks, visible hair growth is back again. Conversely, lasers remove the hairdo so by generating heat energy that damages the structure of the follicle as well as the blood vessel that feeds it. Once this process has occurred, the treated follicles can’t grow hair again. Laser hair removal is a permanent process. However, if you’re not sure you want to permanently remove hair in an area, waxing may be what you need to keep doing.
  1. How well do you tolerate pain? Most of our patients describe the lasers used for hair removal as producing a sensation of rubber-band snaps or pinpricks. Many times, we will use topical products to help numb the skin before treatment and there are safeguards built into the lasers (cold air and chilled laser tips) that not only help prevent burns but also keep you comfortable. The salons that wax generally don’t do that—it’s just wax on and rips off. This can be especially painful in sensitive areas like the bikini or underarm area. The skin irritation from this process can last for a few days too. While there can be some redness and skin irritation following a laser hair removal treatment, it generally lasts only a couple of hours.
  1. Laser Hair RemovalWho do you want to perform your hair removal procedures? In the state of California, only a licensed nurse, mid-level practitioner, or physician can perform laser hair removal. Because of this, it is a procedure that is usually performed in a physician’s office or a facility that is medically directed and supervised by a physician. Waxing, on the other hand, maybe performed by any beautician with a cosmetology license. It is usually a service that’s done at a day spa or salon.
  1. How much time and money do you want to invest in your hair removal? Time and money are two things that almost everyone complains about not having enough of these days. While you may feel that the series of treatments that you need for laser hair removal are a hassle, consider that after they are finished, you don’t really have to think about hair removal again…ever! A permanent solution for your unwanted hair means just that. Once the hair is gone, it is gone for good; this not only saves you time, but it can save you money as well. While it may be more of a financial investment, in the beginning, many patients find that they save money in the long run with laser hair removal. Not having to worry about setting aside time for waxing every few weeks or budgeting that monthly expense year after year makes laser hair removal an attractive alternative.

Although the two treatments can accomplish the same goal of hair removal, they are quite different. Asking yourself the above questions will help you decide which one is best suited for you. If you’re interested in learning more about laser hair removal, we encourage you to give us a call. We would love the chance to sit down, answer all your questions and tell you more about how this permanent hair removal option may be the right one for you. Our consultations are completely free, so there’s nothing to lose!

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