Newsletter November 2008

Are My Cosmetic Laser Treatments Safe?

As cosmetic laser skin care procedures become increasingly more popular, it’s not surprising if you’ve heard from a friend about negative outcomes. Many prospective patients aren’t aware of how aesthetic medicine (lasers, injectables, fat & cellulite treatments, etc.) is regulated or who is qualified to carry out these treatments. Although technology is developing rapidly to keep pace with consumer demand, legislation and regulation to protect consumers has not kept up.

Although regulations vary from state to state, there are very few states that have that have managed to keep up with the changes. On one end of the spectrum, some states dictate that only a physician may operate Class IV medical lasers like the ones used at Celibre Medical. On the other end of the spectrum some states are silent on the matter and have no existing regulations. California currently dictates that only a licensed medical professional with a registered nurse license or higher (nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or physician as well) may perform treatments with class IV medical lasers. More specifically, anyone that is not a physician (the majority of those doing treatments are not) must be under the supervision of a Physician and working under what is referred to as Standardized Procedures and Protocols.

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So why do we highlight this issue and what does this mean for Celibre Medical patients? Not only have we been in complete compliance with state regulations at all times, but we have consistently gone above and beyond all current safety requirements and regulations. For instance, Dr. Harold Kaplan, is very much involved in the practice and is accessible at all times, which is not the case with many “medical spas” in Los Angeles. We are a provider of continuing education for the Board of Registered Nursing and we train registered nurses and physicians on the safe use of Class IV medical lasers. Our nursing staff goes through a rigorous training program as well as having a minimum of two years experience within a critical care setting. Our organization is proud to have two Certified Medical Laser Safety Officers (2 of only several hundred in the US) that have been trained and certified in laser physics and safety. We also have a Nurse Educator to provide training and education to staff and consumers while staying on the forefront of research into new procedures.

We encourage our patients to advocate for themselves by focusing on safety, experience and efficacy when evaluating different facilities for their treatments. Patients should know who is performing their treatments, how much experience they have and what the facility training requirements are. Being an educated consumer is an excellent way to protect one of your most valued assets – your appearance.

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