Newsletter October 2009 – Restylane & Latisse

As seen on “Addicted to Beauty” TV, Restylane & Latisse

We often hear questions from our patients about topics they hear about on popular television shows such as “Addicted to Beauty” and “E! Entertainment”. These shows are great at getting consumers interested in beauty products, services and new treatments but not necessarily so good at helping the consumer know which treatments and products work well. For this reason, the number one question our patients ask after seeing these shows is, “does that treatment/product really work?” At Celibre we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of cosmetic research so that we may offer you a balanced view to distinguish between a fad and a new treatment that actually works well.

With that said, you may be wondering about the term “Tear Troughs” for the eyes. This is not a well-known procedure but is quickly gaining popularity. This procedure was profiled on a recent episode of “Addicted to Beauty”. A Tear Trough procedure involves using a small amount of cosmetic dermal filler (for example Restylane) strategically placed under the eye in the hollow areas where we see “dark circles”. This 30 minute treatment results in immediate, dramatic results in adding volume and may also improve the laxity (sagginess) of the skin in this area. Results typically last from six to nine months with very little discomfort.

Restylane for Dark Circles

Restylane tear trough Before PictureRestylane tear trough After Picture

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The second topic that has been generating much media attention is the first FDA-approved eyelash enhancer product called Latisse. We have been offering this product for the last couple of months with excellent results for employees and patients alike. This product not only lengthens lashes, it darkens and thickens lashes as well. Some patients have even seen benefits in using Latisse in the eyebrow area as well. Several of our employees have their before/after photos readily available to view.

Latisse for Longer Eyelashes

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At Celibre, we focus on patient education. We want our patients to understand and participate in the decisions that make up their care plan. To this end, our knowledgeable medical staff are here to help you weigh the benefits and risks of our Laser treatments.

Our team would be pleased to offer a complimentary consultation to address your skin care goals. A good starting place is to gather information and view before and after photos of Celibre patients in our photo gallery.

At Celibre, we stay at the forefront of research and best practices so that we may offer the most appropriate and effective injections and laser treatment plans for our valued patients. Please give us a call to learn more about laser treatments and injections.

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