Pebble Chin

pebble chin

While you may not be familiar with the term “pebble chin”, we bet that you’ve seen one. Or maybe you have one yourself? A chin that appears bumpy or uneven at rest or during facial expression is a very basic definition of pebble chin.

It happens because the small muscle of the chin, the mentalis, pulls on the skin as it contracts causing it to ripple or indent. Many people who have pebble chin feel very self- conscious about it, and may feel that it’s distracting to others to whom they’re speaking to.

Botox injections into the mentalis muscle can soften and relax its powerful pull. This allows the skin to stay smooth, helping the chin to appear soft and rounded. Small amounts of Botox are used for the procedure, but the results are impressive.

If you’re embarrassed or bothered by your pebble chin, please give us a call today. This procedure may be right for you! We would love to talk to you further and answer all your questions at a free consultation.

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* The patient below received Botox to reduce the appearance of a “pebble chin.”

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