Are my pores really this BIG?

If you have a 5x magnification mirror like I do, you will probably claim that your pores are the size of swimming pools. Although we know the mirror is an exaggeration of the truth, it’s easy to be on a mission to shrink those pools!

Having a good skin care regimen that involves exfoliation (verb: come apart or be shed from a surface in scales or layers) is a good step in helping pores reduce in size by eliminating the stretching of a clogged pore. At Celibre, we prefer you use a natural, chemical method of exfoliation (ex: Glycolic Acid) versus a mechanical method such as microdermabrasion or an exfoliating brush. Not only are the results of chemical exfoliation more consistent, but you’ll pay less as well!

Glycolic Acid and other alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) are gentle enough to be used every day and are less harsh on the skin versus a mechanical method that may cause more irritation or exacerbate facial spider veins, redness, or irritation. We also use Retin A and for those of you that like more aggressive results, it’s amazing for long term skin health and collagen stimulation.

Most products advertised on TV claim to reduce or shrink the “appearance” of pore size. That one word indicates that this effort is temporary and a superficial change to the skin’s surface. For example, astringents like witch hazel, citrus juice (substances that cause the contraction of body tissues) are popular, but limited and temporary in their ability to shrink pores.

To produce an actual change in the size of pores, we prefer lasers (Light Amplification by Stimulation Emissions of Radiation). A laser has the ability to cause physical changes to the shape, size, and structure of a pore – not just on the surface alone but also below the surface where the sebaceous gland (oil gland) and collagen layer lie. There are two categories of laser technologies that accomplish pore size reduction for you – ablative (downtime) and non-ablative (no downtime) lasers.

Many practices advertise chemical peels, facials, and micro-needling to shrink your pores. LASERS always out-perform these options because they penetrate much deeper into tissue and produce heat…and heat matters.

We all dread our 5x magnification mirror yet are fascinated by what it reveals. Somewhere between our high magnification mirrors and our makeup ready faces lies the truth. When choosing a treatment plan for your large pores, pick simple and inexpensive skin care products, and consider lasers.

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