Why Cheap Botox is Not Necessarily Good Botox

We totally get it. You want to look and feel your best and you can’t break the bank at the same time. At Celibre Medical, we know and understand the importance of cost. We understand that your hard-earned dollars are important and that’s why we offer the highest level of care, expertise, and technology at a fair price.

Often, we get calls from prospective patients that ask only one question – How much do you charge for Botox (Dysport)?  While we definitely agree that cost is an important factor, we also want to educate you on why the cheapest Botox might not be where you want to start your treatments.

We’ve included photos of a patient who came to us after years of getting very cheap Botox somewhere else. As you can see from her photos, she had a bit of a peculiar arch to her brows that gave her a bit of a “Spock brow” appearance. She was not happy even though her pocketbook was! Despite knowing that it would cost more, she came to us for help.

Together, we discussed what she disliked and what the corrective steps would be to fix her problem. By changing how she was injected, we created a whole different look for her that was much more natural and appealing. Her forehead is smooth and her brows have a much more subtle arch. She is happy and we’re happy that she’s happy!

Remember, cheap Botox is not always good Botox. When you consider only price, you can easily overlook many factors that go into that number. The time, training, and experience of your provider are figured into that price too! And these have value. In fact, they can be the difference between walking away from a happy and satisfied patient or walking away wishing you’d gone somewhere else!

If you’re always searching for a Groupon for your next Botox treatment, ask yourself why these practices have to run specials on their Botox? Is it because patients don’t come back for repeat care? Or is it because they really can’t get anyone through their doors any other way? Whichever the reason, these practices simply might be missing the most important piece of the puzzle: a great injector!

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