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At Celibre, we understand that because you are paying out of pocket for Botox injections, the price will always be a factor in your decision. But periodically, we like to share stories of those Botox patients that were more focused on price and not on finding the correct Botox injection practitioner. Take a look at our patient, a 60 year old woman new to Botox injections. She was focused on the static (permanent) glabella creases (wrinkles) between the eyes – what we call the “11s”. These are the vertical lines that run from the forehead down toward the nose. She had one dose of Botox at another facility to the glabella area that caused drooping to her right upper lid area. The technique was not appropriate for her and the effects drifted to far laterally (sideways) toward the right eyelid, which resulted in a sagging brow and eyelid. She also still had too much muscle movement in between the eyes, which what was supposed to be fixed with the first Botox injections. It was apparent by looking at her situation that the previous Botox injector had improper dosing, technique, and did not provide any patient education. To correct the work that was done previously and to accomplish what she originally wanted, we used the following technique:

4 units to each corrugator (inner eyebrow muscle), 0.2 cc Restylane for filling of permanent static creases. See what a very small treatment amount of product can accomplish, when placed in the right way!

los alamitos Botox before and after pictures botox los alamitos before and after pictures

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