Sun Spots On Lips

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Have the years you’ve spent in the sun taken their toll on your skin? Do you have sun spots and freckles almost everywhere on your sun-exposed skin? Have you noticed them popping up in strange places…maybe even on your lips? The ultraviolet radiation of the sun produces a whole range of changes in our skin, both seen and unseen. One of the easiest to see is sun spots. These small (and unfortunately, numerous), round brown and tan spots can and do appear on the lips if you have fair skin and are prone to freckles, or if you have a darker skin type, such as African-American skin. Both men and women can be affected.

While the appearance of sun spots on your lips may have you worried, we can tell you that they are usually just the result of too much sun and a hereditary tendency towards developing them. The very good news is that they are usually benign or non-cancerous. The not-so-good news is that they just don’t look very good! Both men and women who have them can feel self-conscious and commonly seek out treatments that can help get rid of them.

Lasers are perfectly suited to do just that. Specifically, the Q-switched YAG laser. It is a device that targets pigmentation, which is what’s in that sun spot that makes it look so much darker than the surrounding skin. Q-switched YAG laser treatment of sun spots on the lips is an easy, quick, and safe procedure for anyone affected with these, no matter how dark your skin type.

After your treatment, you have a bit of flaking or peeling, but there’s no downtime. While most people see improvement after one treatment, many people will require up to three treatment sessions to completely get rid of sun spots on their lips. Since the recovery is quick and the post-procedure care is simply the application of SPF to protect the new, healing tissue, almost anyone with this problem is a candidate for treatment.

Don’t live with the embarrassment and hassle of unwanted sun spots on your lips. Stop trying (unsuccessfully) to hide or cover them with lipstick and makeup. Take action to treat and remove them once and for all with our Q-switched YAG laser. We’d love to see you at a free consultation appointment to talk to you more about this amazingly easy and effective laser treatment. Please give us a call today!

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