Get Rid of Birthmarks

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Are you living with a birthmark that you’d rather be rid of? Are you embarrassed, aggravated or just plain tired of trying to hide or cover it up with makeup or clothing? Have you considered laser treatment for your birthmark? It can be an easy and extremely safe and effective way to either significantly reduce or completely remove your birthmark once and for all.

Whether you have a brown or pigmented birthmark, commonly called a café-au-lait spot, or a red or vascular birthmark, typically called a port wine stain, Celibre Medical Corporation has FDA-approved laser technology to help you. Treating either type of birthmark can be challenging. That is because no two cases are exactly alike. The size, location and severity of your birthmark, along with the baseline color of your skin all have to be considered to find the best laser or lasers to use for your treatment.

While other practices don’t take this totally, 100%, customized approach, we do. Because we believe in treating birthmarks this way, we take special steps to ensure that our laser practitioners are highly trained and knowledgeable in evaluating, planning and executing these treatments. That is what gives us the edge over the competition and what has built our track record of success and patient satisfaction when it comes to laser treatment of birthmarks.

Don’t live another day wishing there was something you could do about your birthmark. Pick up the phone and call us today. We would love the chance to meet you and tell you how our laser treatment program for birthmarks can change your skin and your life today!

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