Are There Side Effects with Latisse?

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Latisse is an incredibly safe, easy and effective way to make your eyes look they’re very best. It works by stimulating the growth of your eyelashes resulting in longer, thicker and many times, darker eyelashes. The trick that many patients don’t realize is that to get to that point, you have to use it consistently over a 12-week period. It definitely isn’t an overnight process!

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Latisse was not an intentional product—it very much happened by accident. The main ingredient, bimatoprost, is a medication that has been used as an eye drop for several years to treat glaucoma and manage other eye pressure issues. The patients using it (and their doctors!) noticed that it made their eyelashes look amazing during treatment! The results were so consistent across the board that the manufacturer decided to seek FDA approval for that very useful and Latisse was born.

It’s important to remember, however, that this is a strong medication that needs to be used correctly in order to keep your eyes healthy and safe. It is very different from other lash-enhancing treatments because it’s a prescription drug, not a makeup. Before starting Latisse, it’s important to check with your doctor and make sure it’s okay for you to use it.

If you have a medical history of eye pressure problems, then Latisse may not be safe for you to use as it may potentially affect your eye pressure.

There have also been reports of redness, itching and/or irritation to the area around the eye when Latisse is applied to the eyelid skin.

Lastly, there have also been reports of darkening of the colored portion, or iris, of the eye with the use of the bimatoprost drops (not with Latisse). This can change the eye color of someone with blue eyes and may darken the eye color of someone with brown eyes.

Latisse is a great product that really works if you stick with it! It can help you enhance the look of your eyes in a way that mascara or eyeliner never could…and maybe even live without eye makeup altogether! Give us a call to learn more about the wonders of Latisse and find out if it’s the right product for you!

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