How We Corrected a Cheek Deformity with Restylane Lyft Injections

We understand there are a lot of choices for you out there when you’re looking to have a cosmetic injection.  So, before you choose your provider based on price, consider the following case.  This case highlights the importance of understanding the risks of a procedure as well as the importance of understanding the experience of whomever you choose for your injections.

We see a fair number of unfortunate and unusual cases where patients come to us from other practices, but this one was particularly striking.  Fortunately, we were able to help this patient, and we wanted to share it with you because it highlights the importance of educating yourself before consenting to any cosmetic treatment.

This patient came to us after she had been treated by another physician with steroid injections to remove Juvederm from her cheek area. Typically, steroids are NOT used for the removal of dermal filler products, but the patient was positive that this was the treatment she was given despite our repeated questioning.

Steroid injections can be very valuable in treating acne cysts, scars, etc., but they do have risks. They work by atrophying or “shrinking” the tissue that they are injected into. While this may be helpful if there is excess or inflamed tissue present, it can be damaging if there isn’t. That is how this patient claimed she developed this large indentation in her cheek.

As you can imagine, she was very unhappy and distressed by the appearance of her cheek and wanted to know if there was a way to help it look more natural and normal again. We discussed using Restylane Lyft in the area. Our experience with this product is that it is a thick, sturdy filler that is ideal for adding volume, especially in the cheek area. After discussing the treatment extensively with the patient, we injected her with 1cc (or one syringe) of Restylane Lyft. As you can see from her photos, she was beyond ecstatic with her results and so were we.

By choosing the correct dermal filler product, we were able to provide soft, natural-looking results. At Celibre Medical, we pledge to you that we will answer all questions that you have regarding your treatment and even tell you if treatment is potentially harmful or not beneficial for your needs and goals. We’ll take the time to listen and we want to develop a lasting relationship.

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