What is Dysport?

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If you’ve read or heard about Dysport from your friends, TV, or magazines, then chances are you’re a bit confused about what it is and what it does. There is a lot of information (and misinformation) floating around out there, so let us help you understand what the facts are. Dysport is very similar to Botox. In fact, you could think of it as a “chemical cousin” to it. Both products consist of botulinum toxin type A and both do the exact same thing: relax muscles, smoothing away lines and wrinkles on the face.

Dysport vs Botox Injections

Dysport has been around since the millennium in Europe. It has an excellent track record, although when it was first introduced in the U.S. several years ago, many practitioners and patients weren’t too sure about it. Botox was (and still is) entrenched as the number one cosmetic injectable treatment, but as more and more people used and experienced the results of Dysport, it began and continues to gain ground.

At Celibre Medical, we use both. However, we really prefer Dysport over Botox for a few reasons:

  1. Dysport kicks in a bit faster than Botox. This means you get to see results faster!
  2. Dysport tends to “spread” a bit further than Botox. This might initially sound bad or like it could lead to unwanted side effects, but if your injector is experienced with Dysport, this attribute can be used to your advantage. Larger muscles, like long foreheads or wide crow’s feet, can be treated with less product. Less product means less cost. Less cost means happier patients!
  3. Dysport lasts as long or longer than Botox when converted from 3 units of Dysport to 1 of Botox.
  4. Dysport costs less to buy from the manufacturer. If we spend less, you do too. It’s a win/win.

Dysport injections give virtually the same visible results as Botox. In the photos below, the patient was treated with Dysport injections in the forehead. Dysport relaxed the underlying musculature causing the forehead lines to disappear, giving the forehead a youthful, smooth appearance.

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The patient below had a very pronounced forehead line caused by excessive muscle activity in this area. Dysport injections relaxed this overactive muscle and led to a smoothing of the forehead.

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