How to Get Rid of Red Stretch Marks?

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We know that red stretch marks can cause much distress for patients like you. Red stretch marks often occur at the beginning, when new stretch marks are first being formed. They also occur more often in light or medium skin types.

Red stretch marks are caused when new blood vessels are created by the body to heal the area in and around the stretch mark. These small blood vessels are very near the surface and can appear as red streaks on the abdomen, love handles and even legs.

Red Stretch Marks Before PhotoRed Stretch Marks After Photo

Although these marks can be embarrassing and frustrating, they are easily treated with lasers. Pulsed dye laser treatments are the gold standard for the removal of red stretch marks. These lasers are highly absorbed by the blood in the small capillaries in the red stretch marks. When these small blood vessels absorb laser light, heat is generated, thereby closing them and removing the red color.

To learn more about removal of red stretch marks with lasers, give us a call today to schedule a free consultation.

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Does Grinding My Teeth Cause Migraines?

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grinding teether migraines 2When I meet an injection (Dysport, Botox, filler) patient for the first time, I take note of any signs of muscle tension.  We all recognize how this looks on the upper face with a furrowed brow.

grinding teether migrainesHowever, it’s more common to observe chronic stress of the lower face muscles.  This appears as a dimpled chin, downward turn of the corners of the mouth, a puckered look to the sides of the chin, and…the most problematic area – the Masseter (jaw muscle).

The Masseter muscles are the large chewing muscles often referred to as the jaw muscles.  They are located in front of the ear and extend down to the jaw bone.  For people that grind or clench their teeth, they often will exhibit an overly large, bulky, or square jaw line or Masseter muscle.

Masseter Before Dysport Injections Photo 11Masseter After Dysport Photo 11

Besides lower face muscle tension influencing one’s appearance, there are some common complaints that need to be explored.  For example, those that tend to exhibit a large Masseter muscle mass will confirm migraines, tension headaches, or even neck and shoulder pain upon questioning.  They may even describe being under the care of a physician that is providing prescription medications for migraines.  Or, a neurologist that is dosing with Botox to the upper face muscles, scalp, or even the back of the neck for relief.

grinding teether migraines beforegrinding teether migraines after

Oftentimes health professionals are not asking the patient if they grind or clench their teeth.  Better yet, they should be checking the Masseter muscle for evidence of over-use and tension.  The reason being, these muscles that are tight and over-worked may lend to symptoms of migraines with radiating pain along the neck (of the side they are using) and sometimes down the shoulder.

Although our focus is aesthetic outcomes, we have had several patients find relief by simply administering Dysport and/or Botox into their Masseter muscles.  Pain and tension is generally relieved within several days, and the appreciable changes to the appearance are realized in as little as a few weeks for most.

When we are able to help piece the puzzle together, it’s rewarding for both patient and practitioner alike.

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What Is The Botox Black Box Warning?

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In 2009, the FDA issued a “Black Box” warning for Botox that has now carried over to all neuromodulators such as Dysport and Xeomin.

A Black Box warning is the most serious warning that the FDA may issue for drugs/medications that have potentially dangerous side effects. Because of the potential spread to distant areas after injection, Botox (and its sister products) was given this warning on its packaging.

Botox black box warningLet’s consider the following:

  • When Botox/Dysport are received directly from the manufacturer and used responsibly by a trained practitioner, treatments are extremely safe.
  • Botox has a higher safety rating than Aspirin.
  • Botox (neuromodulators) are the #1 cosmetic treatment in the world.
  • Reports of distant spread of Botox was associated with very large doses in patients already with compromised health wherein the risks of treatment were outweighed by potential benefits. (ex: cerebral palsy)
  • Cases wherein patients suffered great harm were associated with “bootleg” Botox that was not received directly from the manufacturer.
  • A more recent case of distant spread was related to the use of high doses in the neck for platysmal bands that resulted in compromised swallowing for more than a couple of months. We do NOT use Botox/Dysport in the neck as we believe this is far left of off-label wherein benefits are outweighed by potential risks.
  • Finally, there are many common drugs that carry a Black Box warning such as:

Cipro (common antibiotic), anti-depressants, anti-coagulants, anti-diabetics

Balanced and responsible information in all things…

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What Can I Do To Improve My Chin?

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As patients, and even as injection practitioners, we sometimes overlook the importance of the “south” end of our faces. Specifically, that little muscle that works overtime but gets little attention…the chin. The chin muscle, also known as the mentalis, can become quite a challenge when exercised too much.

For those that tense up the chin area, or are prone to clenching of the jaw, the chin may take on a dimpling effect. Using Botox and Dysport to relax this area is an inexpensive way to tame this pesky muscle. Besides having a smoother tablecloth over the chin, when relaxed, we keep the chin from wanting to become knobby and curled upward over time.

Dysport to relax the chin

dysport to relax the chin

Using dermal fillers such as Restylane or Radiesse, we are able to create a much smoother canvas to better blend the peaks and valleys that are created from over-active muscle movement in the lower face.

Restylane filler for shaping the chin

restylane for shaping the chin

Lasers offer a sophisticated approach in resurfacing the topography of the skin by literally removing microscopic pieces of wrinkles and lines to produce new skin and collagen absent of the memory of those wrinkles. Deep fractionated technology has given us an entirely new and better approach to this endeavor.

Photo 1 – Deep fractionated laser resurfacing

deep fractionated laser resurfacing

In many cases, a combination of any of these 3 approaches may be the best recipe. As with all injection treatments, let us remember that the canvas of the face should be approach as a whole. Giving equal attention to all areas provides for synergy and balance.

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Are we being VAIN with Botox?

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It’s not unusual for patients, both men, to voice concern about their motivation for seeking out aesthetic treatments.

Some curious men will ask, “Do many men get these treatments?” Women, on the other hand, will say, “No one knows that I do these treatments. I’m treating myself today.” A more recent question that I’m asked by patients when receiving their injection treatments is, “do you think I’m being vain?

being vain with botoxI always pause before answering that sincere question. I recognize that the average patient works hard to invest in these treatments, and I’m very aware that they are trusting me with this investment in themselves.
My answer remains the same. “No, I do not. Wanting to help your frown lines or freshen up your appearance is no different than getting your hair done or working out to maintain physical health.”

If we give attention to our physical health, maintaining our hair, nails, or wardrobe, then wanting to improve an important asset, our face, fits nicely into that routine.

I recognize that in this day of endless selfies, outrageous aesthetic treatments, and a society that is overwhelmingly promoting self-centeredness, it’s no wonder that a patient would pose that question.

I have often repeated a mantra over the years of, “crazy people do not wonder if they are crazy.” We can translate that to, “narcissists do not wonder if they are narcissistic” and finally….Vain people do not wonder if they are being vain.

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What About Our Hands? Options for Hand Rejuvenation

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Us ladies generally know there are many options for our faces, we complain about our necks, but we seldom give attention to our hands beyond a manicure. If we do notice the increasing changes, we rely on expensive and ineffective hand creams. So, what’s changing?

As time marches on, the skin and padding of our hands begins to thin out, we lose volume, the skin becomes more crepy. It is these cascade of events that then allows structures that are usually tucked in tight to become more visible – crazy making visible. Examples: large, bulging veins, bony structures are more prominent, tendons and ligaments give a more ropy appearance.

hand rejuvenationThose that know me know that I am not a fan of my own hands. They work hard and are usually cutting wood and digging in dirt while on my little homestead in the mountains. Arthritis has now set in which makes me a little more self-conscious.

The last thing I want to do is have a manicure that will bring more attention to these paws besides being too lazy and frugal to want to rely on this service. I have been a patient unto myself to use the three treatment plans outlined below, and I want my female patients to know that options do exist.

Brown Spots

Whatever name we give them (ex: sun, liver, or age) brown spots have got to go! Using our Q-switched YAG lasers, we are able to effectively remove these with no downtime and with only 1-2 treatments. This is my favorite laser for several reasons, but for brown spots – it’s the gold standard.

hand rejuvenation before photohand rejuvenation after photo

Dermal Filler Injections

radiesse for hand rejuvenationLasers and moisturizers work to soften and improve the skin of the hands, but what are the options for the other issues? First and foremost, my favorite and direct approach is to use filler injected into the hands superficially under the skin. The reason for this is to restore volume AND camouflage the structures when the filler flows above and around the landscape of the hands. Most patients benefit from 2 syringes of Radiesse one to two times per year. Results are immediate and support a good duration.


A secondary approach is to use sclerotherapy to resolve/remove the larger veins that are not needed. This involves a chemical solution that is injected directly into the vessels. Results are achieved with treatments spaced six weeks apart and may require 2 to 3 (average) treatments for optimal results. Personally, I believe the use of filler offers the best financial investment with a more immediate effect. Using both treatment plans is also an option as well.

sclerotherapy asclera before photosclerotherapy asclera after photos
Sclerotherapy (Asclera) for the hands after 3 treatments

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Are my pores really this BIG?

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If you have a 5x magnification mirror like I do, you will probably claim that your pores are the size of swimming pools. Although we know the mirror is an exaggeration of the truth, it’s easy to be on a mission to shrink those pools!

Having a good skin care regimen that involves exfoliation (verb: come apart or be shed from a surface in scales or layers) is a good step in helping pores reduce in size by eliminating the stretching of a clogged pore. At Celibre, we prefer you use a natural, chemical method of exfoliation (ex: Glycolic Acid) versus a mechanical method such as microdermabrasion or an exfoliating brush. Not only are the results of chemical exfoliation more consistent, but you’ll pay less as well!

Glycolic Acid and other alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) are gentle enough to be used every day and are less harsh on the skin versus a mechanical method that may cause more irritation or exacerbate facial spider veins, redness, or irritation. We also use Retin A and for those of you that like more aggressive results, it’s amazing for long term skin health and collagen stimulation.

Most products advertised on TV claim to reduce or shrink the “appearance” of pore size. That one word indicates that this effort is temporary and a superficial change to the skin’s surface. For example, astringents like witch hazel, citrus juice (substances that cause the contraction of body tissues) are popular, but limited and temporary in their ability to shrink pores.

To produce an actual change in the size of pores, we prefer lasers (Light Amplification by Stimulation Emissions of Radiation). A laser has the ability to cause physical changes to the shape, size, and structure of a pore – not just on the surface alone but also below the surface where the sebaceous gland (oil gland) and collagen layer lie. There are two categories of laser technologies that accomplish pore size reduction for you – ablative (downtime) and non-ablative (no downtime) lasers.

Many practices advertise chemical peels, facials, and micro-needling to shrink your pores. LASERS always out-perform these options because they penetrate much deeper into tissue and produce heat…and heat matters.

We all dread our 5x magnification mirror yet are fascinated by what it reveals. Somewhere between our high magnification mirrors and our makeup ready faces lies the truth. When choosing a treatment plan for your large pores, pick simple and inexpensive skin care products, and consider lasers.

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Laser Treatment for Rhinophyma

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Rhinophyma = Enlarged Nose. Greek: “rhis” = nose “phyma” = growth.

Rhinophyma has a distinct appearance. Many patients mistakenly worry that they have it because their nose is larger than they prefer. However, rhinophyma is distinct in that the condition worsens over time as the nose grows larger. The result is a fleshy, ruddy, bumpy, and overgrown (swollen looking) nose.

Rosacea, a skin disorder involving too much blood flow to the facial skin, is a primary factor in developing rhinophyma. At this stage, it usually represents advanced and uncontrolled rosacea. Think of Rhinophyma as being too much food supply (blood) being delivered to the nose which, in turn, causes abnormal growth.

Whether you are in the early or late stages of rhinophyma, excellent treatment options are available. Like many conditions, seeking treatment sooner than later results in better outcomes. For mild to moderate stages of Rhinophyma, using our Sciton Profile (Nd: Erbium YAG) fractionated laser is an excellent tool to reduce the bulk of the nose. For advanced cases, surgical correction may be required.

If you have Rosacea and are concerned only with redness to the nose or cheeks, pulsed dye lasers work extremely well. With our Candela VBeam, Cynosure VStar combination we can reduce or eliminate the redness and superficial vascularity associated with Rosacea.

A common associated condition we encounter in our practice is one where the nose looks thick and oily. There are often fleshy bumps and an oily appearance with this condition. These wart-like bumps (sebaceous or oil glands) rise up like small cauliflower growths – creating a uneven texture, large pores, and a cosmetically undesirable appearance. These bumps may also be found in other oily areas of your face including the forehead and inner cheeks (T-zone).

At Celibre Medical, we use an old school, non-laser approach called a Hyfrecator to treat these fleshy bumps. This electrical device is helpful in shrinking or removing the bumps. For larger and more numerous bumps, using the Sciton Profile fractional resurfacing laser is an excellent option.

Although conditions such as rosacea, sebaceous hyperplasia, and oily skin are chronic conditions, there are options to effectively manage and treat them. Early treatment goes a long way in achieving good results, so let us show you how today. Call for a free consultation.

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Fractional Resurfacing – Heat Matters!

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Every day, we hear patients like you say they are overwhelmed and confused with the vast number of treatments and laser technologies being advertised. Joining the ever-growing list are new facials, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma or the Vampire Lift), micro-needling, and numerous chemical peels. In our opinion, these options are often over-priced and over-promised.

Why? Because many are offered as alternatives to the benefits of laser resurfacing. The key fundamental reason why laser resurfacing will always outperform these other options for treating your wrinkles or acne scars is HEAT. All the other options lack the laser’s ability to generate heat and new collagen. It’s the heat that induces a thermal injury which contracts the triple band of collagen, induces new collagen formation, and keeps this chain of events rolling for several months during the healing process.

At Celibre Medical, we believe evidence trumps trends. Let us introduce you to the superior benefits of fractional laser resurfacing.

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An Outsider as an Insider in Medical Aesthetics

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It has been over twelve years since I joined the Celibre Medical team as a registered nurse with only a Neurology background. I did not know Aesthetic Medicine, didn’t talk “skin”, and thought lasers were only for eye surgery.

Through the many years in my role here, I have come to recognize how important it is to be relevant, on top of trends, able to argue the science vs. the hype, and remain true to our mission of being…”the most trusted name in laser skin care.” Laser technology fascinates me, but how our body’s respond to the lasers fascinates me more. As the verse says, “fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Lori HaneyI’ve prided myself on being a die- hard skeptic, and at times, to a fault. However, my questioning everything has served me well in an “industry” that relies heavily on marketing versus science. For example, in the last five years plus, we have seen a growing trend of manufacturers of medical devices, injectable products, and topical skin care market to the media. The magazine or the television show is given free, interesting content, and the manufacturer receives free marketing and publicity. It’s not long before the consumer calls us to request the latest treatment they heard or read about. Very rarely does that same consumer want to hear why we do not use what they are requesting.

There was a time, not that long ago, when the manufacturer would come meet with us to review the studies, to promote the science behind the technology or product. Not any more – the consumer is a much easier person to impress, and let them drive the demand to compel the practitioner to provide the requested service or product without much regard to science. It’s not unusual to have the reps call us and suggest we are “missing the band wagon” if we don’t act quickly like our competition.

Jump ahead to the latest copy of New Beauty magazine. One of our dermal filler representatives gave us a copy to peruse.  I read it from start to finish only to discover articles that were actually advertisements. It was overwhelming. Many “high end” dermatologists were quoted with no science or sound information to back up the claims or treatments they were promoting.

One topic that caught my attention were statements about there being little risk for antibodies, or as the author actually stated, “You cannot become immune to them (Botox/neuromodulators) entirely.”* Well, that’s just not science. I should know because I have been resistant to all neuromodulators since 2007. There is also an increase in the numbers of consumers reporting impending or actual resistance to their Botox treatments.

In reading this “beauty” magazine, I discovered there are answers for everything– my hair color, my nails, my pores, my tanning products, my injections, fat, cellulite, moisturizer, and the list goes on. I would literally have to spend all day and all of my week’s wages to keep up with the suggestions they made for head to toe beauty.

I recognize that I don’t look like the average “aesthetic nurse.” My hair is usually not coiffed. I show up to trade seminars looking inferior and sometimes feeling inferior. I’m not a polished speaker, but I AM passionate about aesthetic nursing.

The message is simple: I want my patients to feel good about being the best version of themselves. Delivering sound information, balanced feedback, good and equitable treatment options that rise above the hype.

I’m must admit I felt a little dirty and ashamed of our present culture when I put down this magazine. The experience made me want to question if there is any point in competing with the big names, big bucks, big marketing. The answer is “yes.”


*New Beauty Special Edition
Volume 13, Issue 3 pg. 60

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